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We’re pretty proud of the work we do but don’t just take our word for it. Here is our latest news and views.

The Dating App Revolution

2020 was a year of curveballs but nothing was going to stop the world of dating. As we moved to a life online, dating apps had a captive audience. So they took this opportunity and ran with it. And we all followed.


No Normal

Gen Z don’t give a sh*t about the status quo. They haven't grown up with brands they simply 'accept' as the norm. They are there to be won over. Those brands who invest in their own identities, values and principles are those that will form more real, more lasting relationships with this Next Gen audience.

New Balance Launches New SADIO MANÉ Brand Campaign

Today, New Balance Football launches their global ‘Beware the Lion’ brand campaign featuring footballer Sadio Mané.

Gen Z - More punk, less anarchy

Gen Z rebel differently, they have a cause. Unlike generations prior, their enemy isn’t as intangible as “the man”. Anarchy is seen as wasted opportunity.

Gen Z defends social media against mental health claims

A new study is challenging the view that the internet and social media are responsible for the mental health problems suffered by Gen Z.

How to Boost Sales with an Advertising Agency

While today’s advertising agencies continue to embrace those early traditions, they understand that in our world of shifting cultures, trends and consumer attitudes, brands need to stay relevant if they want to maintain and boost their sales revenue.

What Are the Strategies for Increasing Brand Revenue?

 This blog unveils some of the best strategies that can help you boost your brand revenue

Generation Anxious – Or Are They?

From selfies to support, Gen Z are coping with the impact of social media better than we think.

Generation Anxious – Or Are They?

We examined how Gen Z are destigmatizing the psychological well being dialog by refusing to sanitize it.