cool sh*t

volume 44. 05/09/2015

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cool sh*t – volume 44.

gourmet cravings

weird pregnancy cravings are nothing new. but bringing them to life and photographing them beautifully is. the eating for two cook book does just that

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wheels of fury

buckle up, it’s time to take a trip down fury road. to launch the mad max video game, uber passengers have the option to travel like authentic wasteland warriors. coverage guaranteed.

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retched news

a resourceful way to deliver bad news and deal with the possible aftermath as well. nausea bag lets you spill the beans and then spill your guts. see more here

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say no more

exactly what it says on the tin. a room where you can go in and smash things up. for 20 bucks. done

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feel it with a smile

listerine bring the power of smiles to life for blind people with their new app. designed to track and recognise when people the user is talking to smile, it then sends a vibration to the users phone letting them know. nice

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waves of grace

see the story from every angle. this moving 360 documentary shows one woman’s survival of the ebola outbreak. discover her journey here

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